Can I have a private party or reserve a picnic table at the park?

All parks are first-come, first-serve. For groups under 50 people with no special requests, there is no fee or permit required to use our parks or beaches. For groups over 50 people, there is a minimum $50 plus tax processing fee and a permit application must be submitted. This allows you the right to assemble, it does not reserve your picnic area.

Only the Grand or Large Picnic Pavilion facilities at Riverside Park, the Bethel Creek House and the Riverhouse can be reserved. To be placed on our facility and/or park calendars, call 772-770-6517. Your date will be saved for one week, at which time you must set up an appointment to bring in your permit form and pay applicable fees.

Forms and specific fee information can be found in the “Forms” section of our website. All rentals are subject to a cancellation fee. Renters who live outside Indian River County will be charged a $100 damage deposit on pavilion rentals and a $200 damage deposit on stage or bleacher rentals, which is refundable after inspection of the site and/or equipment. Please note that it may take two weeks or more for these refunds to be processed. All payments must be in cash or check form only.

Complete a Request Information Form or view our Forms, Fees, and Rules page.

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