How can I reserve the Grand Pavilion at Riverside Park?

This facility is an open-air rental facility. Two small and one large gazebo connect together to form one open-air pavilion. Diameters are 21 feet for the smaller gazebos, and 25 feet for the larger gazebo. Each gazebo has cupola ceiling lighting. 

This facility is ideal for more formal occasions such as weddings, luncheons, awards, etc. Used for table seating, it can accommodate 75 to 100 people comfortably. Used for chapel seating it can accommodate up to 150 comfortably. Cooking at the Grand Pavilion is prohibited. 

Electric is available for $25 per day with a $50 electric key/damage deposit. You will be responsible for locking the electric box at the end of your event, and returning the key for your deposit refund. Please note that it may take two weeks or more for the refund to be processed. Tables and chairs are not provided. Please see the Forms, Fees & Rules section of our website for specific rental prices.

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