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Please use the web form below to submit a services request to City of Vero Beach Public Works. Residents can also e-mail Public Works at or call the office at 772-978-4800 to submit service requests or to speak with staff regarding more complex questions or concerns.

Prior to submitting a request, please make sure your request is located within the City limits. The city limits for the City of Vero Beach comprises only 3% of the area within Indian River County that has a Vero Beach mailing address. Those residents with a Vero Beach mailing address outside of the City limits are located in the unincorporated area of Indian River County. Please contact Indian River County Public Works at 772-226-3460 or visit their website here: Road and Bridge Division ( for more information.

You can determine if you are a City resident by inputting your address on a convenient web application located here:
 "Am I A Resident Of The City Or The County"

Once you have determined if you are a City resident, please use the form below to submit a service request.

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