There are many positives and future opportunities for Downtown Vero Beach. Among these are the existing historic street grid patterns and overall scale the town first developed with. The historic character of many of the buildings is a significant asset for the City and should be a cornerstone which future redevelopment complements. The area also benefits from several long term and newer property owners that have invested heavily in maintaining or improving their buildings over the years. Adjacent to the general downtown area are quality residential neighborhoods that blend development periods and income levels and can further support continued reinvestment downtown.

Downtown Master Plan: 

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The City is currently working on updates to the master plan and Comprehensive Plan policies for the urban core of Vero Beach.  As an outgrowth of a months-long process, the upcoming Charrette serves as the pre-cursor to adopting a new downtown master plan -- a plan very much designed for the future. The plan will appeal to the next generation who want to live, work and play in Downtown Vero Beach. You'll see a lot of focus on how to make downtown more livable and on how to create more attainable housing in order to receive, attract and retain younger community members. 

 In January 2024, the City initiated the development of a new Downtown Master Plan for the urban core of Vero Beach. World-renowned architect and urban designer, Andres Duany, Founding Partner for DPZ CoDesign, is leading the charrette and planning process for the Downtown Master Plan.   DPZ CoDesign will provide a facilitated planning and design charrette process that involves the engagement and participation of the community in the development of the plan for the City's urban core. The plan will analyze design options and recommend possible changes to the density and intensity criteria for infill development or redevelopment.

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Project Timeline:

  • September 14, 2023: Presentation of Urban retail market study. Bob Gibbs, Gibbs Planning Group, an expert retail economist, conducted an urban retail market study for Downtown. 
  • October 31,2023: Presentation of Review of previous Downtown plans. Stantec consulting firm reviewed the goals and objectives of the past Downtown plan and reports; and provided a report on the implementation of these goals, with primary focus on the 1992 Downtown Redevelopment Plan and 2008 Downtown Action Plan.
  • January 17 – 18:Kick-off Presentations to start the extensive community outreach for the planning project. 
    1. Wednesday, January 17: Meetings with stakeholders (Main Street Vero / Downtown Property Owners) 
    2. Thursday, January 18 at 1:30PM: Presentation at Joint Meeting with City Council and Planning & Zoning Board

February 5 – 9:  Community Charrette at the Community Center, where the community participated in the design process.


February 9, 2024 Final Day Presentation Video

Upcoming dates:

  • March 2024: Draft Downtown Master Plan available to review. Once the report for the Community Charrette is available, it will posted on the City Website and Ideas For Downtown.


Participate in the planning process:

To continue to participating in the design process: visit and take the follow-up survey.