The Value of Preservation

Historic preservation is not only aesthetically pleasing, it helps to protect and share our history while providing economic, cultural and environmental benefits to our community.  In fact, a comprehensive 2010 study of historical preservation in Florida showed an annual positive economic impact of $4.2 billion annually. Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation In Florida

Economic Benefits

  • Stabilizes and improves property values
  • Encourages better quality design
  • Affords possible eligibility for tax benefits
  • Reduces the cost of construction through the reuse of existing structures
  • Attracts buyers looking for unique historic properties
  • Supports cultural and historical tourism
  • Encourages local economic growth

Cultural Benefits

  • Fosters a sense of civic pride
  • Retains authenticity
  • Preserves craftsmanship and style of artisans
  • Contributes to an improved quality of life

Environmental Benefits

  • Conserves resources
  • Reduces reliance on new materials
  • Enhances energy efficiency through historic structure that takes advantage of natural light
  • Reduces waste and the energy intensive production of new construction materials