Three Corners Steering Committee

The Three Corners Steering Committee has been chosen to help guide the community in the creation and evaluation of alternative development scenarios for the three city-owned properties located at the base of the Alma Lee Loy (17th Street) Bridge, also known as Three Corners. The three parcels, encompassing 38 acres, are currently occupied by the old power plant, the former postal annex and the water and sewer treatment plant.

  • Mayor Tony Young - Councilmember 
  •  Laura Moss - Vice Mayor
  • Robbie Brackett - Councilmember 
  • Joe Graves - Councilmember 
  • Rey Neville - Councilmember 
  • Mark Tripson – Appointed by Mayor Tony Young 
  • Dr. Richard Baker – Appointed by Vice MayorLaura Moss
  • Linda Moore – Appointed by Robbie Brackett
  • Mike Johansen – Appointed by Rey Neville 
  • Alma Lee Loy – Appointed by Joe Graves
  • Vicky Gould – Member at Large
  • John Cotugno – Alternate Member is the online hub for community engagement about the future of Three Corners - 38 acres where the old power plant, former postal annex land & water treatment plant now stand. Here you'll find facts about Three Corners and many ways to discuss & share your ideas.  Kindly Register to join the conversation and be part of a new model of public debate where all voices & ideas are heard.

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