Hurricane & Disaster Preparedness


Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30.

The hurricane-related information found on this site is being provided by the City of Vero Beach to assist our citizens during the upcoming hurricane season.

Trouble Hotlines

To report power outages or water and sewer problems, please call the Utilities Trouble Line at 772-978-5000. The Indian River County Hurricane Irma Hotline is 772-226-3930.

  1. City of Vero Beach Recreation Department Still Recovering from Hurricane Irma:
    Three popular recreation sites received extensive damage during Hurricane Irma and are not operational. The Riverhouse, Royal Palm Pointe, and the Riverside Grand Pavilion were affected by major water intrusion and/or wind damage and are closed until further notice. Updates will be announced when work has been completed and the facilities are open to the public again. Please note that the Vero Beach Community Center, the Bethel Creek House, Leisure Square and the Riverside Picnic Pavilion are available for your upcoming events or parties. For more information, please contact the City of Vero Beach Recreation Department at 772-567-2144.

  2. Veterans Memorial Island:
    The flag at Veterans Memorial Island Sanctuary has been restored. The diligent work by the City provided the repair and replacement. It is an icon we appreciate. Life is back on level footing with the Red, White and Blue flag flying again!
  3. Debris Collection:

    The City of Vero Beach completed debris collection from Hurricane Irma on November 13, 2017.If you have any questions regarding hurricane debris call Public Works at 772-978-4800.

  4. September 12, 2017 The City of Vero Beach has resumed normal garbage collection on your regular scheduled days. We will do normal yard debris pickup on Wednesday but only items bagged, bundled or containerized. We will advise the pickup of hurricane debris as soon as possible. Please be sure to place the debris at the roadside (not in the road). Please be mindful not to place any debris on water meters, storm drains, fire hydrants, mail boxes or near phone / electric boxes. It is important to keep yard trash separate from construction and demolition debris, fences, electronics, etc. Commercial businesses are back to their normal schedule pickups. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please call our office at 772-978-5300. Vero Beach Solid Waste Division
  5. Patriot the horse at Pocahontas Park was safely put in a stable during Hurricane Irma and will be brought back home once everything has been cleaned up from the storm.

  6. "To all, after going around to the various parks, beaches, and recreation facilities it is my recommendation to keep the parks, beaches, facilities and playgrounds closed until they have electric and the debris has been cleaned up and that on our city web page, we post what facilities, parks, and beaches open on a post each day at noon and update accordingly. This is the preliminary structure issues from first assessment so far. I know that Monte's and Gabrielle's group will get a better assessment. Leisure Square sign destroyed, pool pump room flooded with water, soffit damage to dance room, fence damage out on the football fields, water inside a few areas however I believe that mop will handle that Michael and Bob Summers Baseball - fence damage Royal Palm Pointe Fence damaged and dock destroyed Riverhouse - more than water has gotten into this facility will need thorough check on this one Riverside Park - benches blown over, couple of Chinese hat lights broken, dock by memorial piece washed out Grand Pavilion at Riverside - major damage possible at this site (middle pavilion leaning and much of the roofing, rails, and fencing destroyed Humiston Beach- bottom railings and stairs down to beach are exposed or destroyed.What is most important right now is that all beaches, parks, playgrounds and facilities have a lot of debris and for safety we need to make sure to clean that up before opening any of these sites...This is preliminary and discussions with Public Works will need to be done..." Rob Slezak - Recreation Director.
  7. Leisure Square will open Wednesday, September 13th at 7 a.m. for fitness center members and guests. The Leisure Square pool is closed until further notice. Centerstage gymnastics classes will resume normal schedule Wednesday, September 13th. The Vero Beach Community Center, Riverside Racquet Complex, Royal Palm Pointe and all City of Vero Beach parks, playgrounds and beaches will remain closed until further notice. Residents that remain without power may utilize the showers at Leisure Square (3705 16th Street) Wednesday, September 13th. Please call Leisure Square at 770-6500 for information.
    Thank you, Patty Howard Assistant Recreation Director:
    City of Vero Beach
    2266 14th Avenue
    Vero Beach, FL 32960
    Phone Number: 772-567-2144
  8. City of Vero Beach Electric Utility - Power Restoration Process
    Vero Beach, FL, September 7, 2017: Although City of Vero Beach Electric Utility is committed to restoring electric power to all customers as safely and quickly as possible, our initial goal is to safely restore power to the greatest number of customers as soon as possible. Once the storm has passed and it is safe for the Electric Utility crews to work, the restoration process begins as follow:
    1) The first step of our restoration plan is damage assessment, which includes physical inspections of the City's facilities and electric lines by employees who have been specifically trained to accomplish those tasks. The assessment allows the City to direct its resources (both labor and materials) to the areas where they are needed the most.

    2) We begin repairs to the City's large transmission lines which carry high-voltage electricity to our distribution system from FP&L’s interconnection substations. Lines such as these must be repaired first along with any damage to transmission substations. Transmission lines serve thousands of customers.

    3) Next, we move on to distribution substations and their respective main feeder lines, water and sewer systems that serve critical facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations. The number of customers served by Vero Beach Electrics distribution substations range from a few hundred to thousands of customers - so you can see the importance of getting the substations back in service

    4) Once the large impact areas have had power restored, we begin restoring power to individual tap lines - which carry power to houses or other buildings.

    Please keep in mind that stopping the Electric Utility crews to ask questions will slow down the assessment and the overall restoration effort. If your power is on, we encourage you to keep your front porch / flood light on, which will help our assessment teams further focus their attention on homes and facilities where power still needs to be restored. Please contact the Electric Outage Center at 978-5000 to report outages.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding. The safety of our customers and workers is our top priority

  9. Closure Announcements for Senior Resource Association and Indian River Transit Due to Hurricane Irma:
    Due to the high potential threat of Hurricane Irma to Indian River County and because safety is of the utmost importance to our clients and staff, Senior Resource Association (SRA) and Indian River Transit will be operating on the following schedule:
    Community Coach and GoLine Buses
    • Normal operating hours on Thursday, September 7th and Friday, September 8th
    • All Services Will Be Closed on Saturday, September 9th. Monday, September 11th -  schedule of operations is pending local conditions of roadways Transportation Offices (4385 43rd Avenue, Vero Beach) open Thursday, September 7th and Friday, September 8th under normal operating hours.
    • Adult Day Care (Vero Beach and Sebastian) Vero Beach and Sebastian locations will be closed on Friday, September 8th Monday, September 11th schedule of operations is pending local conditions.
    • Meals on Wheels / Nutrition Meal deliveries will be suspended beginning Thursday, September 7th. However, in preparedness for the impending storm ALL clients were provided with meals for the weekend. Deliveries may resume on Tuesday, September 12th pending local conditions.
    • Main Administration Offices (694 14th Street, Vero Beach)
      Closed Friday, September 8th and will reopen Monday, September 11th pending local
    • As we value our employees and their families’ safety, as well as those we serve, the above closures are
      necessary. Please be safe during this time. To stay up-to-date on openings and closures for any of the above services, please contact 772-569-0903, 772-473-2935 or 772-559-2284. Schedules will also be posted to
      For community information and weather updates, contact the Indian River County Emergency Operations Center at 772-226-3900
  10. Please see the Airport website for important information on Elite Airways’ flight schedule this week.

    Eric Menger - Airport Director - Vero Beach Regional
    Vero Beach Regional Airport Website

  11. Beginning Saturday, September 9th all City of Vero Beach park restrooms will be closed until further notice.

  12. City of Vero Beach Recreation Department Hurricane Information
    All City of Vero Beach Recreation facilities and activities / programs held at Leisure Square, the Vero Beach Community Center, Riverside Racquet Complex and the fountains at Royal Palm Pointe will be closed beginning Friday, September 8th until further notice. In addition, City beaches including Jaycee Beach, Humiston Beach and South Beach will be unguarded beginning Friday, September 8th until further notice. Please visit for updates.
    Thank you,
    Patty Howard - Assistant Recreation Director