Plan & Design

Group plants together according to the amount of watering that will be needed. This keeps you from watering the entire yard as well as the plants that require less water.

Obtain a Soil Analysis

Knowing your soil type will help you make better decisions about the plants you need and the way you’ll water.

Choose Proper Plants

Virtually any plant can be used in a “Florida Friendly” landscape. The key is to group these plants separately so they can be watered as needed.

Use Turf Wisely

Most grasses require more water, fertilizer and pesticides than other areas of landscape.

In a “Florida Friendly” landscape, grass is used where it is most practical as in a play area for children. Ground covers, decks and walks are often used to reduce the amount of grass needed.

Irrigate Efficiently

Water trees and scrubs thoroughly. They have extensive root systems that require less watering than other plants in the landscape. Don’t use your sprinkler system just to water thirsty plants and dry spots – water them by hand.

Use Mulches

By keeping a 3-inch layer of mulch on your landscape beds, you can cut down on the amount of weeding that is needed as well as helping the soil retain its moisture, moderate its temperature and prevent erosion.