Household Chemicals

Are you looking for alternatives to hazardous household chemicals? Would you be interested in mixing your own? Homemade chemicals may not work as rapidly as traditional commercial cleaning products but they come with other benefits.

These benefits range from easier disposal of leftovers and containers to creating a healthier environment for your family. Protect your family and our water resources from household chemicals.

Environmental Friendly Cleaning Alternatives

  • Glass Cleaner: Measure 3 tablespoons ammonia, 1 teaspoon vinegar, and 3/4 cup of water in a spray bottle.
  • Glass Cleaner Alternative: Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar in quart of water.
  • Furniture Polish: Use olive oil, 100% lemon oil, and beeswax, or beeswax and olive oil.
  • Air Freshener: Open a window or use an exhaust fan (or both). Sprinkle baking soda in odor producing areas or set vinegar out in an open dish.
  • Drain Cleaner: To loosen a blockage, mix 1 cup each of baking soda, salt and white vinegar and pour down drain. Wait 15 minutes. Flush drain with boiling water.
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Pour 1/2 cup of liquid chlorine bleach into the toilet bowl. Let stand for at least 30 minutes, then scrub with a long handled brush and flush.