Grounds Maintenance


The primary goal of the Grounds Maintenance Division is to provide safe and clean facilities in an environmentally sensitive manner, insuring that parks, beaches and public areas are maintained in a manner that supports the community's vision and retains their value over time. Goals and objectives are accomplished through the maintenance of parks and facilities by reliable and well-trained staff.

Among the responsibilities of the Grounds Maintenance Division of Public Works are the following tasks:

  • Maintain and upgrade all landscaping in 280 acres of City parks and properties.
  • Furnish sanitation supplies and maintain cleanliness of 22 public restrooms and amenities in the City parks.
  • Maintain and improve landscaped medians, islands and parkways in major thoroughfares within the city limits.
  • Prepare park areas for community events through landscape maintenance, pest control and janitorial tasks.
  • Continue to implement cost and labor-saving plants and techniques pertaining to landscape maintenance (through the use of Florida Friendly guidelines) and custodial tasks.
  • Inspect and repair all irrigation systems, consisting of approximately 12,800 sprinkler heads, on City properties.
  • Replace damaged and declining landscape material on public properties.
  • Continue tree replacement program on Victory Boulevard as needed.
  • Oversee installation and maintenance of tree plantings throughout the City, including dedicatory trees, to insure proper techniques are used for optimum survivability.
  • Ensure standards and requirements are met for maintaining the City's Tree City USA designation (37 years).