Local Register

Properties Listed in the Local Register of Historic Places

The Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for the development and maintenance of the City’s local Register of Historic Places. Provided is a list of those properties listed in the local Register:

Old Palmetto Hotel
1889 Old Dixie Hwy  
Ord 2008-08 – 7/15/08
VB Women’s Club
1534 21st St 
Ord 2008-08 – 7/15/08
Parkway Plaza
2050-54 11th Av 
Ord 2008-08 – 7/15/08
VB Heritage Center
2146 14th Av 
Ord 2008-08 – 7/15/08
VB Diesel Power Plant
1133 19th Pl 
Ord 2008-08 – 7/15/08
VB Railroad Station
2336 14th Av
Ord 2008-08 – 7/15/08
Single Family Residence (SFR)2425 15th AvenueRes 2010-02 – 2/16-10
Vero Man Archaeological

Southeast portion of Airport bounded on the north & west  by Aviation Blvd right-of-way, on south by IR Farms Water Control     District Main Canal right-of-way, & on east by FL East Coast Railroad right-of-way

Res 2013-17 – 2/19/13
2716 Laurel Drive (SFR)
2716 Laurel Dr
Res 2017-35 – 12/5/17
Ryburn Apartments (Tangelo Apartments)
1110 Royal Palm Blvd.

*Note:   Ord 2008-08 Adoption of Historic Preservation Ordinance automatically place existing National Register of Historic Places on Local Register of Historic Places, unless the property owner declined.


Cattle being herded through street
Train on train tracks

Photos are from collections at the Archive Center of the Indian River County Main Library.

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