An important part of the City of Vero Beach Historic Preservation Program is to identify and protect historically significant archaeological resources. Archaeological resources include materials from past human activities that are over 50 years old.

Archaeological Sites

Archaeological site means a single specific location which has yielded or is likely to yield Information on local history or prehistory. Archaeological sites may be found within historic sites or historic districts.

Archaeological Zones

Archaeological zone means a geographically defined area, either designated as a stand alone historic site pursuant to this chapter or contained within a designated historic site or district, which may reasonably be expected to yield information on local history or prehistory based upon broad prehistoric or historic settlement patterns and including, but not limited to, items such as clothing, buckles, pottery and housewares.

Reconstructed (Vero Man) Skull

Certificate of Appropriateness Applications

Within an archaeological zone, new construction, filling, digging, the removal of trees, or any other activity that may alter or reveal an interred archaeological site shall be prohibited without a type of certificate of appropriateness called a certificate to dig. All applications to the city involving new construction, large-scale digging, the removal of trees or any other activity that may reveal or disturb an interred archaeological site in a designated archaeological zone shall require a certificate to dig before approval.

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