Historic Preservation in Vero Beach

The history of Vero Beach and Indian River County includes, from the very beginning, a commitment to preserve valuable historical resources and smart planning to limit unchecked development. An appreciation of history and small-town life is woven into the community’s character  and careful planning has led to an ongoing strategy of preservation and organized growth.

As early as 1915, the Indian River Farms Company launched a City Beautiful Campaign, which inspired many early residents to make beautification efforts that can are still visible today in our  historic neighborhoods and landscapes When the National History Preservation Act was approved by Congress in 1966, Vero Beach and Indian River County quickly began efforts to have buildings and places registered. The most recent full survey of Vero’s historical properties was completed in 1990  Historic Properties Survey of Vero Beach, FL - 1990 (PDF)  with specific updates to several in-town neighborhoods completed in 2008. Historic Resource Survey Update 2008 (PDF) Vero has just finished a year-long celebration of its Centennial and is now making plans to begin another full update to the city’s historic properties.  Preservation is also central to plans for Three Corners area and in the creation  the Vero Beach Art Village in a historical downtown neighborhood.

Properties in Vero Beach have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places  and some have additionally achieved a Local Historic Designation. Vero Beach has been recognized for nearly 40 years by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City to honor its commitment to urban forest management.   Vero became a Florida Main Street Community in 1998, encouraging the revitalization of the downtown area and at the same time preserving our historic resources.   Vero Beach and Indian River County also participate in the Florida Historic Marker Program  to raise public awareness of Florida’s rich cultural history and to enhance the enjoyment of our historic sites by citizens and tourists

Vero Beach is recognized as a Certified Local Government in a program that links three levels of oversight -federal, state and local- into a preservation partnership for the identification, evaluation and protection of historic properties. This ongoing preservation program is carried out by the city’s Historical Preservation Commission working in tandem with the City of Vero Beach Planning Department. 

Vero Beach residents and visitors recognize the value of the past as we move into the future.  While we are not without change, there is an ongoing effort to retain the sense of place that has always attracted people to this area.

Vero Beach Historical Timeline 1919-2019

The Vero Beach Historic Preservation Commission develops and administers a comprehensive historic preservation program to identify and maintain the City’s historic resources for the benefit of both present and future residents.  The Commission educates, encourages and assists in the preservation of individual properties and historic residential neighborhoods.

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