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About the Department: 

Vero Beach, an elegant community located along Florida’s Atlantic Coast, is a haven for outdoor sports, unique shopping experiences, and arts and culture. The Planning and Development Department’s mission is to ensure development remains consistent with the Community’s vision as the “crown jewel of the Treasure Coast” by providing professional land development and planning advice to the City Council, city administration, and the public.

  • Announcements & Notices:

Local Business Tax

If you have any questions about your City of Vero Beach local business tax receipt, please contact the Planning Department at 772-978-4550.

Payment Options:

  • Pay in person – at the Customer Service Drive-Through Window located at 1036 20th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960, during business hours.  We accept cash, check or money orders.
  • Pay by telephone using a credit/debit card – Call 772-978-4550
  • Pay by mail – Mail your payment with renewal notice to:

City of Vero Beach
Planning Department

PO Box 1389
Vero Beach, FL 32961


New Mobility and Access Code:

On April 5, 2022, the City of Vero Beach City Council adopted new mobility and access regulations to the City’s Land Development Regulations. Ordinance 2022-09 with the new code is attached.

Link to: Ordinance 2022 09   Mobility and Access (PDF)

Revised City Sign Code:

On June 23, 2020, the City of Vero Beach City Council adopted revisions to the City’s Sign Code. The new sign code is attached.

Link to: 2020 05 22 Sign Code  Approved - Clean (PDF)

Revised Motor Vehicle Use Definitions:

On May 5, 2022, the City of Vero Beach City Council adopted revised motor vehicle use definitions and revised motor vehicle uses in the Commercial, Industrial, and Airport Light Industrial zoning districts. Ordinance 2022-13 with the new code is attached.

Link to: Ordinance 2022-13 Revised Motor Vehicle Use (PDF)

For more information, contact the Planning Office: 
Jason H. Jeffries, AICP
 Planning and Development Director
 City of Vero Beach
1053 20th Place
 Vero Beach, FL 32961
(772) 978-4552

  • Project Updates:

Three Corners Final RenderingThree Corners Concept Plan: is the online hub for community engagement about the future of Three Corners - 38 acres where the old power plant, former postal annex land & water treatment plant now stand. Here you’ll find facts about Three Corners and ideas shared by the community.  Community charrettes were held January 27 – 31, 2020. The Three Corners Steering Committee is now considering the proposed scenarios and will provide a recommendation to City Council.

Cultural Arts Village Opens in new windowCultural Arts Village: In 2016, the City of Vero Beach accepted the Cultural Arts Village Report for the Edgewood Neighborhood located west of Downtown.  The 2018 Comprehensive Plan adopted objectives and policies regarding the implementation of the Cultural Arts Village. The Planning staff have prepared draft Land Development Code amendments to implement the Arts Village through zoning.

Department Services:

(Planning Department Forms)

Code Compliance Certification Reviews. Ensure that building permits and other development approvals are consistent with applicable zoning regulations. Prior to changes of use, installation of fences, sheds, docks, external equipment, pools, or other minor exterior modifications to property, complete a code compliance certification application and submit to planning staff.

Site Development Review Coordination. Site plan review and approval process is intended to ensure that the development of structures and sites is compliant with the Vero Beach Land Development Code. Contact Planning Staff for pre-application assistance.

Business Tax administration. Local Business Tax Receipts (BTR) are issued by the Planning Department. Any business in the City of Vero Beach selling merchandise or services is required to obtain a Business Tax Receipt.  This includes one-person companies and home-based businesses.  Business Tax Receipts are payable annually July 1 through September 30.

Historic Preservation. Supports the Historic Preservation Commission to protect significant historic landmarks, resources, and districts in the City of Vero Beach through designation of historic properties and reviewing Certificate of Appropriateness applications for exterior modification to designated sites.  Contact Planning staff for historic designation and COA applications.

Tree Protection. As a Tree City USA, any specimen or protected tree or palm proposed for removal requires a tree removal permit. Complete a Tree Removal Permit and submit to planning staff.

Flood Zone and Construction Determinations. City of Vero Beach participates in the National Flood Insurance Program to provide affordable flood insurance to City of Vero Beach property owners. To determine if your property is in a flood hazard area or proposing development in a flood hazard areas, contact planning staff.  

Voluntary Annexation Coordination. Vero Beach actively pursues annexations that add to the economic stability of the city, protects and enhances quality of life of its residents, and enhances the ability of the City to provide services in an efficient and effective manner. Property owners with property adjacent to the existing City Boundaries are encouraged to contact planning staff about annexation. 

Comprehensive Planning.  Planning Department maintains and coordinates the review of amendments to the Vero Beach Comprehensive Plans to ensure compliance with Chapter 163 of the Florida Statutes. Any property owner proposing a policy amendment or Future Land Use Map amendment should contact the planning staff.

Official Zoning Map Maintenance.  Planning Department maintains the Office Zoning Map for the City of Vero Beach. Any property owner proposing a zoning map amendment should contact the planning staff.

FY20 Goals and Objectives

The Department provides efficient and effective services within its current staffing levels of 4 FTE.  "Essential" services will be given the highest priority, which include development review and permitting,  business tax administration, Community Rating System maintenance (FEMA/NFIP) and implementation of policies and actions in the adopted Comprehensive Plan update.

FY20 Major Work Program Goals

  • Implement policies and directives of the Comprehensive Plan including amendments to  the
  • Continue the multi-year work program identified in the adopted Comprehensive Plan to
  • Provide technical assistance to stakeholders and prepare appropriate amendments to Official Zoning Map and Land Development Regulations for implementation of the "Cultural Arts Village" concept.
  • Engage the community to develop a vision for the former power plant site and prepare appropriate amendments to the Future Land Use Map and Official Zoning Map for an adapted reuse of the site.