Human Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to strive for fair and equitable treatment of all employees in a manner that will ensure proactive support of the City's mission. The department will develop and implement policies, procedures, programs and services that will contribute to attainment of the goals and objectives of the City and its employees by:

Balancing Needs of Employees

Properly balancing the needs of the employees and the City in a manner that motivates everyone to operate efficiently and effectively when engaged in the performance of duties to support the citizens of our community.

Ensuring a Safe Work Space

Ensuring a diverse workforce in a safe and discrimination / harassment free environment through compliance with applicable employment laws, proactive investigation and defense of the City in claims of discrimination; and by providing appropriate training for management and employees in these areas.


Providing effective training and development in areas including, but not limited to, effective leadership, career development, employment law and government regulations, and understanding and applying City personnel policies and procedures.


Hiring the most qualified employees through comprehensive staffing reviews, an effective internal interviewing process, identifying the most efficient and cost effective recruiting programs, and conducting thorough background investigations.

Retaining Employees

Retaining valued employees by providing competitive wages and benefits, effective recognition programs, meaningful performance appraisals, positive coaching/counseling, and ensuring open and proactive two-way communications between employees and their managers.

Keeping Good Relationships

Fostering positive and professional relationships on the part of all managers having direct or indirect involvement with labor organizations representing City employees through proper guidance and direction in the application and interpretation of labor agreements, training in proper documentation to support disciplinary action, and procedures to be used in investigating and adjusting grievances.