City Attorney

Mission Statement

The city attorney is the legal advisor to the City of Vero Beach pursuant to the City Charter.  The city attorney's office provides a broad range of professional legal services to the organization, including research, analysis, and guidance on federal, state, and local laws and regulations affecting the city government and its operations, as well as on administrative, legislative, and procedural matters.  The city attorney's office prepares and reviews legal, legislative, contractual, and other documents necessary to the city's municipal functions, goals, and policies. The city attorney's office represents the City in various judicial and administrative proceedings, including research and investigation of relevant legal, evidentiary, and practical matters, development of legal theories, preparation of pleadings and other documents necessary to the representation, and advocacy on behalf of the City in such proceedings.  In addition to the city council, the city attorney's office advises and performs legal work for the City's charter officers, City departments and divisions, and the City's appointed boards and commissions. The city attorney or his designee attends all city council meetings and performs such other professional duties as may be required by law or by the city council.