City of Vero Beach

"Where the Tropics Begin"

Vero Beach Municipal Marina

$100.00 per month live-aboard fee shall apply

Tim Grabenbauer
Marina Director - Harbor Master

City Marina at Marker 139 on the Intracoastal Waterway 
3611 Rio Vista Boulevard, Vero Beach, FL 32963

Phone:         772.231.2819
Voice Mail:  772.978.4960

Fax:              772.231.6893
Radio:   Monitoring VHF CH 16 working CH 66A
Business Hours: 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (0700 to 1800)

Located on the East side of the Indian River Lagoon, just north of the Merrill Barber (Hwy 60) Bridge, the City of Vero Beach prides itself on being a center for maritime information and hospitality for over 3,000 visiting boats each year.  These visiting boaters spend a phenomenal 20,000 overnights with us.  Rental moorings and slips are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (call for monthly details).  Gasoline, diesel, and pump out services are available on our 70 ft. fuel dock.  Approaches to the fuel dock are 8-10 ft.  Facilities and services include free bus service to town, Laundromat, TV lounge, WiFi, mail drop and pick-up, bicycle and vehicle parking, restrooms, showers, trash disposal, waste oil disposal, and a park with picnic shelters and barbecues.

The mission of the Vero Beach Municipal Marina is to provide efficient first class service at reasonable cost to resident and visiting boaters in a manner that reflects well on the character of the City of Vero Beach.  In order to fulfill our mission Marina personnel are trained to:


Exercise time and material cost consciousness, while implementing business practices that meet Marina Industry and City Standards. These practices are carried out in a labor-intensive activity requiring acute safety awareness on the part of each employee.


Act as goodwill ambassadors for the city by promoting tourism and local business patronage.

Insure that Marina and Mooring operations maintain a favorable relationship with neighboring residents, clubs and businesses.     


To promote Clean Marina practices and assist in developing programs and procedures to keep the Indian River clean and environmentally safe.




"Wi Fi" Available

Marina Rate Increase - Resolution No 2017-29 (includes all rates and restrictions) 

Transient Slips:
Daily:          $1.90 per ft. per day
Weekly:    $10.90 per ft. per week (7 day minimum)
Seasonal:  $14.35 per ft. per month ( 4 month minimum)
                    $100.00 per month live-aboard fee shall apply
Monthly:   $15.85 per ft. per month (1 month minimum)
                   $100.00 per month live-aboard fee shall apply

Harbormaster approval is required for Seasonal and Monthly reservations; deposit required. No proration.

1. A charge of $4.50 per day shall be made for vehicles parked overnight in the Marina spaces before the arrival of a transient vessel or remaining the day after the departure of a transient vessel.

Long-term Slips:
Fixed docks:      $11.55 per ft. per month
Floating docks: $11.55 per ft. per month

Long-term Live-aboard Slips: $100.00 per boat per month in addition to per ft. charge. (Maximum of 20 live-aboards)
1. Any live-aboard vessel that is absent from its assigned berth for a full calendar month may have the live-aboard fee waived for that period.
2. The named vessel must be absent from its assigned slip for the full calendar month for this waiver to be effective.

Dry Storage:
Inside:   $325.00 per month
Outside: $250.00 per month
PWC:      $110.00 per month

Mooring Fee: $324.00 per month (Long-term), plus $48.70 per month live-aboard fee $16.25 per day (Transient) (Includes showers)
1. Transient Moorings are available for a period of up to five ( 5) days.
2. Transient Moorings may be available for a period greater than five (5) days (hereinafter "Extended Stays") with Harbormaster approval pursuant to the following conditions. An Owner or Captain of a vessel desiring to remain on these moorings for an Extended Stay must:
(a) Register with the Harbormaster and receive the Harbormasters permission to remain; and
(b) Pay an Extended Stay monthly mooring fee of $357.00 in advance; and
(c) Pay a facilities monthly fee of$48.70 in advance.
Payment of these Extended Stay and facilities fees shall entitle the crew rnembers to the use of marina facilities for a period of up to thirty (30) days from the date of registration for an Extended Stay, renewable, subject to the Harbormasters approval, on a month-to-month basis for no more than six ( 6) consecutive months. Extended Stay and facilities fees may not be prorated; partial months shall be at the daily Transient rates. Available marina facilities include use of the dinghy docks, garbage disposal, restroom and shower facilities, and parking for no more than two (2)

vehicles per vessel.
3. Dinghies from unattended boats on long-term moorings shall be left at the motor-up dinghy dock.

Kayaks and dinghies may be stored on a rack on a space-available basis for a fee of $20.00 per month.

Facility Building Locker: $13.50 per month.

Utility Deposit: All permittees shall pay a $25.00 utility deposit in advance which shall be retained as a security deposit.
Metered Slips: $10.00 per month Readiness-to-Serve Charge plus $0.17845 per KWH consumption.*
1. Any vessel that is absent from its assigned slip for a full calendar month may have the electrical readiness-to-serve charge waived for that period.
2. The named vessel must be absent from its assigned slip for the full calendar month for this waiver to be effective.

Non-metered Slips: $56.25 per month flat rate where electricity is used.

Transient Rates: Single 110 volt connection, $5.00 per day; Two 110 volt, or one 220 volt connection, $8.75 per day; Two 220 volt connection, $22.50 per day

Monthly Transient Rates: Single 110 volt connection $56.25 per month; Two 110 volt or one 220 volt connection, $125.00 per month.

*Electric consumption rate to be adjusted $.01 per KWH for each $0.01 in adjustment in the Fuel Cost Adjustment charge imposed by the serving utility system. Similarly, all adjustments to charges imposed by the utility company as it relates to the $0.17845 per KWH level that existed in July, 2009, shall be passed on to permittees.

WATER CHARGE: All vessels coming to the facility for water shall pay a flat rate of $5.00

WAITING LIST FILING FEE: A $5.00 filing fee will be charged for any applicant requesting to have his name placed on the waiting list.

All payments are due and payable on the first of each month. All fees not paid by the 10th of each month shall be increased by a $25. 00 penalty charge per month. Checks returned unpaid shall be subject to returned check fees as provided by Florida law. Late payment due to a returned check also incurs the late payment penalty.

A $5.00 fee shall be charged for each use of the holding tank pump-out facilities. There shall be no charge for this service with a $50.00 or greater fuel purchase or for vessels permanently moored or docked at the Marina.

All of the above fees and charges exclude applicable taxes.


The Vero Beach mooring field was established in 1988 and expanded in 1997. We are currently looking at expanding to the north.
The moorings consist of an anchoring system, a ½” galvanized mooring chain, and a foam surface buoy (Island Mooring Supply). On top of the buoy is a jaw eye swivel, a shackle, and a 4” stainless ring. Attached to the ring is a 15’ double braid pendant, with an eye for attachment to your vessel. We have two types of anchoring system, large concrete piles with a stainless eye jetted flush with the bottom and helix anchors.
This is true.  During the busier parts of the cruising vessel season (OCT-APR) we may raft up to 3 boats per mooring. This of course depends on the size and type of vessel along with prevailing weather conditions.  The reason we have done this for almost thirty years is to accommodate the large numbers of vessels that visit our area.  If you are uncomfortable with rafting, some vessels have been anchoring just north of the field. The only hitch is that you are not allowed to use any of our facilities (dinghy dock, showers, laundromat, etc.) unless you pay the mooring fee.
It is our policy not to place power vessels over 50’ on a mooring. The reasoning is that power vessels have much more sail area creating heavier wind loads in bad weather.
We conduct underwater inspections annually. During these inspections all anchor shackles are replaced and any bad chain links removed.  All mooring chains are replaced every third year, regardless of condition. The buoys and top gear are replaced throughout the year as needed.
We do allow vessels to attempt to seek shelter on our moorings.  It is first come, first serve and only one vessel per mooring is allowed.