City of Vero Beach

"Where the Tropics Begin"

Geographic Information Systems Division

Physical Address

1053 20th Place
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1389
Vero Beach, FL 32961-1389

Phone:   772.978.4870
Fax:       772.978.4879

Mission Statement

The mission of the Geographic Information System (GIS) Division is to provide the City of Vero Beach, the public, and other agencies data that contains accurate geographic location and associated information for material assets or activities located in the City of Vero Beach.  Examples of data include: stormwater drainage network, water\sewer network, streets, buildings, street signs, zoning, vehicle accidents, and cemetery lots.  To maintain communication between GIS, City departments, and other agencies to ensure data quality and avoid data redundancy.  To remain informed of new technologies that may assist or improve data collection and distribution capabilities.


Additional Information

The GIS Division creates and/or manages location data for a diversity of real-world features.  Detailed information associated with each feature are also stored with the location data.  Using specialized software, the GIS Division is able to overlay location data, perform analysis, and create custom maps in a variety of themes and colors.  These maps provide a superior method to interpret and understand data stored in a standard spreadsheet database.


The vast amount of location data available can make finding the answers to everyday questions a challenging task for City staff.  The GIS Division solves this problem by creating interactive maps which are available for viewing via a PC on the City network.  The interactive maps allow all City staff to quickly view and share location data between departments and the public.  The maps are updated regularly and include aerial and land elevation views.


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Additional Interactive Maps

GIS Data Download


City of Vero Beach GIS data is available for download on our Data Download Portal site.


Click HERE to view and download.



Please read and include the following disclaimer on all maps created with City of Vero Beach data:


The City of Vero Beach makes no warranties, express or implied, and assumes no responsibility for the use of this material by agencies or individuals other than the City of Vero Beach. Any use of this material is strictly at the risk of the user.